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Monday, October 04, 2004


Please click on the first audio file posted below. We apologize for the lack of quality you will hear. But, you will get an idea of what Boston Rooftops sounds like. We would like to hear your feedback.

"Boston Rooftops" was written and recorded in 1996. Desert Moon & Friends are performing the song. "Boston Rooftop" has a copyright on file. Please be respectful to the copyright laws. Thank you!

Would you like to become involved in a Movie Short that Encourages Literacy through the Arts? Encourages Literacy through Music? Encourages Literacy through Living Real Life Experiences? For those who are interested in an innovative creative concept of a Movie Short based on a Romantic Love Ballad - "Boston Rooftops", please post your intersts here.

We are also searching for Actors/Actresses, Flim Crew, and Investment Partners. Spectsoft is one of our partners. Click on this link for more information about Spectsoft -

Calling All Actors, Film Crew, and Investment Partners!
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