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Monday, October 25, 2004

My Dream, reoccuring theme, different settings

Empty Without You
I finally make it to sleep
but never to go too deep
You are there
I am there
My family and friends
From the past and present
are really there
all together
I can hear their voices
I can touch their skin
I can smell their presence
I can feel their reality....
I wake up and wonder
I wonder if it was real
Or if it was a dream
This dream
I have
In different places
Different time periods
Occurs Over and Over
Leaving me to awake
With a hollow
Of darkness and dispair
I fear to sleep
To See To Feel To Hear To Smell
To Experience
That Emptiness and Hollowness
Only to Follow
Night After Night
Day After Day
When Will It End?
Soon, I Hope and Pray. . .


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