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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I will get better!

My body aches. My muscles ache. My arms ache. My shoulders and neck ache. My knee is killing me. I am finding it harder each time I go to get up out of a chair or the bed. I have to self talk to myself to concentrate in getting up. My fingers, from the tip to the knuckles on my right hand went tingly numb when I went to play guitar and my left upper fore arm muscles had sharp pains darting after playing guitar for just 20 minutes.
I feel so tired, I could sleep all day. Good Night.


At Thu Nov 11, 01:41:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Gypsy Butterfly said...

Hey, sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but the power of the mind is amazing sometimes. Just manifest good things, and they will all come. Also put out what you want for yourself. Wish good health on others and yours will come naturally... Hope all goes well. Ciao -LN


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