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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some Things Just Don't Make Sense To Me

I support the idea of raising money for research when it comes to help curing sickness, syndromes, in times of need. I hear of run-a-thons, walk-a-thons, Kiss-a-thons, and many many many other "creative" or "catchy" ways to get people to donate money. People either donate because they empathetic, sympathetic, or the "market" tatic catches their whim to donate pennies to millions of dollars.

Walk 60 miles to raise money. Wow, that's alot of energy to walk that far. Run 20K's to raise money or awareness for this or that cause. And the list goes on and on and on. We are so creative to get people to spend or donate money towards a GOOD cause! Again, I believe we MUST support our fellow humanbeings in sickness or during trials and tribulations.

Here is a different approach to raise money, which implements the thought: Balance Is The Key!...........What if there was a house that needed painted, or a group of yards that needed cleaning in a neighborhood, the sides of our freeways or railways needed cleaned up, or an elderly citizen needed a listening ear or help getting to and from doctor appointments - the list goes on to what is needed in the Land of The Free we call America The Beautiful! What if, for every hour you spend helping your neighbors or one of the projects listed above a friend donated "X" amount of money towards a "Good Cause" for research or what ever the Urgent situation at hand is in our face?

Would people climb onboard and participate, much less donate money to see their fellow humanbeings helping people or neighborhoods here at home? If I were a wagering man, I would say little to no money would be raised. Why? you may ask. I believe there is a shade of Arrogance in the people of America. Prove me wrong, I dare YOU!

Help me understand why we CAN'T raise money in a way so that the energy expended results in not only exercise and keeping ourselves fit BUT also HELPS OTHERS!!!

To me,
that is truly exercising and implementing the philosphy of
Balance Is The Key!
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