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Monday, April 04, 2005

Is The Human Race Really Ready For Democracy?

I believe we must have both sides presented to make an eduational evaluation of whether or not democracy is right or even works for all people who are living on the earth today. The following links are to get your mind thinking. Soon, I will post my thoughts on Democracy.

Here are a few group of people who define Democracy:

How Do The Iraqis Define Democracy?


Democracy, The Equivocal Standard,
Critques of Democracy, Part I

Democracy takes on a higher order of thinking and responsibility. To enjoy one of the fruits of Democracy, such as freedom, one must take responsibility and NOT just think of ones self. One must be part of the process and not let others vote for them. One must be active and not sit and complain about how the system does not work for them or others. Democracy takes on more than even I think Americans today realize. Our forefathers were certainly a visionary group of people. I believe they hoped and prayed that the American Society or culture would be able to assimulate and eventually embrass the responsibility which Democracy demands in order for Democracy to be effective for any society.

We, the people, of the government...... Are we letting the few make the choices for the majority? If we are, we are NOT truly giving the Democratic process be effective for America The Beautiful. I believe we are not showing respect for all the people who help build what our country is today. All the men, women, and children who, in the past and currently, are sacrificing their lives and more, so ALL of us can experience the fruit of Democracy. Think about it.....once, twice, or more!


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