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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The title to this entry is a great Link to investigate if you are interested in the difference or similarities of most religions in the world. Go ahead, click on it. You may be surprised and learn something new!

Comparison Chart of Christian Denominations' Beliefs and Doctrine

Rituals and Practices of Different Christian Religions

Here is another link that is interesting to read. click here - Bible Issues.

Another interesting site: click here - Five Types of Religions.

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the different versions of the Bible? Take a look at this site, click here - Tables of Comparison of selected Scriptures.

Find out about what the differences are between the religions of the world we live in. Perhaps when we educate ourselves and have a better understanding of our spiritual beliefs, we may be more prone to a more peaceful if not more understanding of one another. Click here - Religions' Comparisons.

Are you visiting another country? Or have a curious mind and wondering what beliefs are practiced in another country? click here - Religions by Countries.

Looking for a comprehensive link on just about anything you want to know about Belief, well, this is your link. Click here - BELIEVE Religious Information Source. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the end of this link. You will find a summary of each book of the Bible, and more.

Three Cultural Paradigms. A comparative chart to three belief systems.

The Four Gospels: Some comparative overview charts.

Exit Polls on Politics as related to regilious affiliation. Should this even be a consideration? Is it any of our business? Are we mixing religion and government in a way that should not be considered? What do you think?

Comparitive Chart of Christian Beliefs


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