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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Mind Is Always On - Day and Night and Night and Day

Living, doing, saying, eating, breathing, looking, listening, loving, caring, believing, giving, hearing, reading, experiencing, creating, delivering, laughing, crying, developing, sleeping, exercising, dieting, budgeting, explaining, sharing, exploring, discovering, inventing, praying, learning, comprehending, thinking, being? . . . .

Are we? Are you? Am I? Should we? Should you? Should I? Will we? Will you? Will I? Do we? Do you? Do I? When will we? When will you? When will I? It only takes ONE pebble to cause a rip ple effect that goes on for an eternity. Are we Are you Am I willing to take the chance? To take the challenge? To step out of the box of comfort? To cause a rip ple for the right cause? Take the first tiny step....go on .... do it, I dare you! I dare myself! Just do it! Throw in that pebble and see what happens. What can we learn? What can you learn? What can I learn?


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