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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Just came home from buying some food

They should never ever charge tax on any type of food or beverages for the family. Food we need to survive on. Tax the gas we use for our cars that pollute the air we breath. Tax the cigarettes people smoke who fill their lungs disease and put others at risk with their health. Tax the alcohol that when used irresponsibly, kills thousands of innocent people each year. Tax the cars, Tax our homes, Tax public transportation. Tax products that we use to help us keep our jobs. BUT DON'T TAX food that we need to literally keep alive. When are we going to restructure America, so the government is FOR the people....ALL THE People, Rich, Poor, or otherwise! Yes, let's take care of others, but lets clean up our own home before we go try to fix other homes. Perhaps if we fix our own home up FIRST, then we will have learned how to do it right, THEN, we can help others by the mistakes we made and apply the lessons to others we help, instead of multiplying our mistakes ALL over the world. Hmmmmm.


At Wed Oct 20, 01:53:00 AM GMT-5, Blogger Chris Winn said...

Sales tax is the most unfair hurts poor people the most. The sales tax (food included) in my county is almost 10%....its just sick.


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