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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Its Like Walking into the Twilight Zone

As I was driven to my hotel, I noticed a flatness in the land, bare branched brown wooded trees, and a sense of going back in time when I read the billboards and read the sign boards of retailers and food establishments.

The sky was bright blue which met a brown soiled and a light brown dry grassy horizon. The air crisp and cold. As we approached the city of Rochester, Buildings from one story to multiple stories masked with a variety of browns and hues of browns darted up from the flat horizon of Minnesota. Mind you, there is nothing bland or boring in the landscape. Looking out at the physical scape of the land - natural and manmade - I also couldn't help but notice a feeling of this being a place of some sort of a destination for those in wandering. A place on earth for healing.

Person after person that I have met, so far, are people who don't know why they are here. They are in search for answers. A state of mind of not knowing from moment to moment appears to be a common theme I am discovering so just one day.

I went to a Cafe last night and sat across from a Mayo Clinic surgeon who was eating with one of his patients. While I ate my salad, I was very much aware of the conversations surrounding me. This particular doctor leans over to another table and introduces himself to start another casual conversation. Another man enters the low lit, crowded cafe in a wheelchair accompanied by his yellow colored large sized dog. The hostess and waitress welcomed him and his dog, literally, with open arms. Such a caring family atmosphere is witnessed here in Rochester, so far.

People seem to be ready to stop and listen or share a moment or two with you - on the sidewalk, in a cafe, in the lobby, in an elevator, or anywhere you may cross another's path.

Ages ranging from babies in blankets to the agless sunset years of appearences to be in their eighties gather to this place called Rochester, MN. People of all sorts come here to be healed - in wheel chairs, using walking canes, wearing a back pack with a tube leading to somewhere under their shirt. Thin people, heavy people, all shapes and sizes I have seen in less than 24 hours.

The city of Rochester has several enclosed sky walkways connecting high rising buildings to other high rising buildings from what I can see so far. Where I am right now, all I see is mostly light brown brick or stone buildings with a few leafless brown branched trees here and there planted on the sidewalks outlining the high rising lightly brown hue-toned buildings.

I have been told there is a totally different city underground with climate controled walkways connected to the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic seems to be connected underground to most of the major establishments in town. Hotels and Churches and a few banks scattered with shops here and there is what I have seen so far.

Where I am staying includes breakfast - a full variety - and something like a happy hour M - TH which includes beverages and a scheduled variety of food for people to enjoy. There are board games to be checked out at the receptionist counter for the guests to use in the dining room or their own personal suites. There is also an excersice room along with a clean laundary room with coin operated mahcine - each costing 1.00 per load - washing and drying.

I feel very well taken care of here. My impression is that the people that work here genuinely care about the guests who visit here. I have been told that the Mayo Clinic is the same way - a caring, supportive family atmosphere.

My impression of this place is that of a gathering place to be healed. I am reminded of the waters in which Jesus visited while he healed people on the Sabboth. It's been two years of not knowing and testings with no significant results other than producing more data for more testing with the results coming out "normal".

Although I feel this place to be a place of healing, I have my human doubts. But, this I know, I have never experienced a place like this in my life. I have only seen places like this in the movies or I have read about places like this in books or the Bible.

At times,
I may feel hopeless -
I may have feelings of doubts. I may have feelings of total discouragement. I may loose focus where to find the light at the end of the tunnel. I may feel like there is no end in site.
BUT, This I do know -



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