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Saturday, November 27, 2004

More Questions About Animals?

Try these websites:

Virtual Zoo
This site provides both pictures and descriptions of animals. Point and Click on Animal Bites, then Click on Mammals, Birds, or Reptiles. Then click on the name of the animal you'd like to see. For other zoo sections, use the Available Main Sections pull-down menus on this page.

Be my guest. Be sure to click on the links for more great wildlife sites.

A great wildlife site
over 50 species endangered around the world fact sheet
Wildlife around you.
Desert Life and Animals
Animal Information - including sounds and pictures
NWF - Kidzone - information organized for varied age groups
Australian Wildlife
RangerRicks Animal Page classified by mammals, fishes, insects, birds, amphibians, and reptiles
Most extensive site for all animals on earth.
NPCA Complete Site for Action and Background Information about our wildlife in America.
Wildlife and more detailed information Excellent site for Kid Homework for older students.

Everything you want to know about livestock: horse, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs - even buffalo and camels. First click on Breeds of Livestock, then click on the category you want to see, such as Horses. Scroll down the left column and select the breed of horse, such as Appaloosa. The page will display a photograph of the horse as well as its history and other interesting information.

Click on Table of Contents. Click on Breeds Page. Click on American Kennel Club. Point to the Breeds Tab. Scroll down to either "By Name" or "By Group" and click. Then select the dog of your choice. There are video clips for most of the dogs, too.

This is very easy to use. Look for your interest, and click on the link. From history, poetry, movies with cats, cat facts, and much much more.

try this link for LOTS AND LOTS of cat information
try this link for even more information about cats
Click here for myths and facts about cats plus pictures, and much more!

additional link of animals click here


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