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Monday, November 29, 2004

New Zealand

New Zealand is my Home away from Home. I can remember what it was like with my first breathe of the New Zealand Air. My eyes swelled with tears. My heart swelled up with warmth. My body from head to toe felt an instant of Peace throughout my existance. At that moment, I never felt more peace in my heart. It was as if I could rest and be still.

As the hours passed, my heart grew fonder. As the days lingered on, my heart grew warmer. As the day turned to night turned to morning turned to day, my heart - my soul - my everything, felt as if I was home. After decades of traveling....I found my Home.

I will always remember that feeling of visiting New Zealand. Peace. Warmth. Beauty. A feeling of being Home. To feel the feeling of being home once again, I yearn for that feeling every day.

New Zealand, my home away from home.

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