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Saturday, January 29, 2005

The EVE of a New Democracy?

For us in America, it is the eve of elections for Iraq. Jan. 30th is when President Bush deemed the elections to take place for Iraq.

My only question today, of many others I ponder about, is how can democracy work in other parts of the world, when we are struggling for a democratic government here in our own land? Is it really working "for all" who live here in America? Or is it a concept and idea from "idealists" to only hope for and strive for?

Another visual thought comes to mind - When the flight attendant instructs the passengers to place the oxygen masks on yourself before you place it on your child's face or someone who is less able, isn't she really telling us - you have to take care and secure yourself and your safety before you can help another person. Can we not apply that concept to international matters as well? Should we not be taking care of our own and securing our own people....ALL not some of our people before we begin to "spread freedom" to others? Don't get me wrong. I believe in helping and assistanting others when we can. But to cut budgets and take away money from the needy and poor and seniors of our own country....somethings seems to be a bit unbalanced. Am I blind to what is really happening? Please help me to understand.

May we ALL live in Peace with one another here in this Great Country of opportunity and in the World we call our Home.

Link to Reframing The Iraq Election, click here.


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