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Saturday, January 08, 2005

She Will Be Remembered

You Will be Missed and Remembered Always!
January 8, 2005

Our Family Friend, Anne, passed away early this morning. May the Lord be with her and her with Him. She shall be remembered for all the wonderful gifts and talents shared with each of us –
Her gift of humor, her gift of sharing a good story from one of her many adventures traveling throughout the world, her unique style of paintings – from watercolors, to acrylics, to oil. Through each of her paintings, we can see her perspective of the world in which she lived in. As I would explore the walls of her home museum, it was evident to me how she saw beauty everywhere she lived and visited - over half of a century on earth. How fortunate we are to be able to continue to see through her eyes and heart, her impression, the gift of beauty in life through her paintings, although she has crossed her last bridge on earth today.
Anne also left with us, five very beautiful gifts of life. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting each one of them a few weeks ago. They followed their own path of life creating a unique adventure and experience to share as they also have journeyed upon this earth. Each one of them have orchestrated incredible accomplishments throughout their own lives. It was through quality not quantity that I was privileged to get acquainted with her five children in her home during this holiday season. I hope to keep in contact with each of them and call them my friend as our journey continues.
The only thing "good" about passing away so quickly is that her pain ceases to exist. The pain is felt by each of us as we sort through our emotions of missing her and yearning for what she does best. What does she do best? That is something we know as individuals and unique to each one of us. She touches your heart in the most unforgettable way. Words can't begin to describe how or what she touches deep inside of us, but if you know her, you know what I mean. I have a very good friend from New Zealand who came for a visit a couple of years ago. Within moments, she too, felt that special warmth Anne plants within your heart. My friend was so moved by Anne, she wanted a picture taken with just the two of them so she too, could remember Anne.
For me, I have always been in awe with sunrises and sunsets as paintings in the sky authored by Our Number One Artist and Creator of Eternity. Now, I see Anne as the Apprentice Artist in the sky. Every time I gaze up into the morning or evening sky and witness a beautiful painting of magnificent swirling soft colors, shapes, and unique design, I will remember my friend Anne. Thank you Anne, for sharing your journey here on earth with me, although our friendship was brief, you created a lifetime impression upon the balance of my life.

Farewell To Our Friend Anne,
May Your Continued Journey
Be Filled With Peace of Heart,
Bundles of Joy & Love,
Surrounded with Blank Canvases
Waiting to Be Painted Upon
Only the Way You Can!
We love you!

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