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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hotel Rawanda

Not a dry eye in the theater. I couldn't leave for at least ten minutes after the movie ended, I had so many tears flooding my eyes, I couldn't see straight. I thought I was right there when it all happened in 1994. I felt the pain, the horror of being rejected from the entire World! How devastating.

Was it because Rawanda had no resources to protect that the "advanced" world countries (including the USA) had no interest in saving and protecting innocent children, women, and men, plainly stated - INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS?

I am thankful and grateful for the ones who finally stepped up to the plate and supported the people of Rawanda being slaughtered unmercifully.

When will we ever learn the value of HUMAN life over the "natural resources" we are gifted with on earth. HUMAN LIFE is THE MOST precious resource we have on this earth, perhaps in the UNIVERSE.

I have never ever cried multiple times throughout any movie in my entire 48 years living on this earth. What a powerful message by way of re-telling the story in a movie forum of courage, strength, committment to family, and honor to try and attempt to expose this horrible incident in human history - hopefully NEVER EVER to repeat EVER!!!!

If you are interested in the background of this movie based on a true incident, then click on Hotel Rawanda above. Or click here.

This is a horrible act of ignorance and shame on behalf of the world who turned their backs to a group of innocent people. But I feel I must share this information with you. Please let this not happen again. Please, may we care more about HUMAN LIFE than the oil, gas, or whatever natural resource we deem necessary to protect.


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