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Thursday, May 12, 2005

What Is Happening In The World We Call Home?

Over the past few days, amazing events have taken place. Events of significance? Soon, in history we will know. The White House was evacuated, then called back in for work. President Bush had a possible assasination attempt in Russia while he was making an appearance and speech in Russia. The new of Governor of Iraq of only three days was kidnapped on the way to work under guarded protection, and then beaten by his kidnappers and is being held hostage in return for insurgent military leaders imprisoned.(pardon me, if he is governor of Bagdad, plse check me out on this, i wouldnt want to lead you asstray, but he this man i am mentioning is a governor)

A father kills his daughter and her little girlfriend. Ministers from all different denominations are kicking out lifetime members because the members dont have the same political beliefs and conviction of who should have been elected president of our country. We have a woman who thinks she can immitate a movie, runaway bride, and get away with it. HAH!. We had a man go litterally bulistics in a court and killed several innocent COURT!!!!

54% of Americans are reported to have chronic pain to the point it effects their daily lives and work performance. It has been reported that western medicine just isn't making them feel better. FINALLY, some doctors are choosing to use ancient medicine practices. More to come about those WORKING methods.

Gasoline prices go up and down like a yo-yo ... more than a few times a day, NOT A WEEK!

Awwwww, but there is hope. Really there is!!!!! And there is LOTS AND LOTS AND EVEN MORE GOOD GOING ON IN THE WORLD THAN WHAT THE MEDIA LETS US KNOW!!!!

So, People, what IS the good news? Where is the good news happening? YOU TELL ME?
I know, DO YOU?


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