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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Watch for the deals. Traveling is affordable if you make the effort to look and call 1-800-USA-Rail.

  • History of the USA, click here
  • Animated Atlas of USA, click here
  • Highlights of several states in the USA, click here
  • USA History in the eye of the great Hispanic people of America, click here
  • Ellis Island Passenger List. You will need to sign up for this service, but you will find basic information from 25 million entries, click here
  • Another quite interesting site for US History, find out about the presidents, , click here
  • History of Daylight Saving Time, click here
  • Candy USA....all you want to know about candy in the USA, click here
  • United States Facts by Wikipedia, (extremely informative) click here
  • VERY interesting facts and trivia about each state in America, click here
  • Interesting Firsts in each state in America....very cool! click here
  • Intense and EXCELLENT LINK TO ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE USA, for students and adults, click here
  • Interesting fun facts....wacky, funny, and fun, click here
  • For Your Warehouse of Useless Knowledge, click here
  • Facts Related to the UNITED STATES, quite informative, excellent source for children and adults, click here
  • Hindu Facts dot come, click here to find more facts than you have ever imagined.
  • Interesting facts about fruits and vegetables, click here
  • Interesting facts brought to you by Professor Beaker, about science for kids! click here


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