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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Boston Rooftops - Summary

Boston Rooftops takes place in three major locations. Boston, being the place Ryan discovers his true love while exploring the beautiful New England area. Throughout the movie, Julie and Ryan are searching for that perfect spot to create the most magical romanitic moment shared together. Passionately searching from Rooftops to Beaches, Historical Relics to everyday common places in breath taking New England, Julie and Ryan discover that the Boston Rooftops, where they originally met each other, is the most perfect place to create or recreate that first moment - love at first sight, to create that magical romantic moment.

As Julie and Ryan explore scenic areas throughout New England, they notice children playing, singing, dancing, and thoroughly enjoying each and every moment. One lesson Julie and Ryan learn from the children is that "the grass is NOT greener on the other side, but rather, the grass is green right where you stand. Reflecting upon their summer of romance, Julie and Ryan recall the intensity and focus of children playing and sharing as they live their lives in the here and now - treasuring each moment as if it were their last.

Love and Romance doesn't depend upon where you are physically, but where your heart and mind are emotionally. Living in the moment is where true love can be found while building a lifetime of romance.

A quote from Katie, our leading lady:
..."After reading the summary and listening to the CD, I am convinced this will be an amazing film. The lesson that it will convey in such a short amount of time is deep and also comforting. I felt in listening to the music, that it touched me on a personal note. I believe that everyone can relate to the idea in a different way. The music is also incredibly beautiful! I also really like how the students willbe involved in the project. It looks like th film that has already taken years in the making is going to be a true success."

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