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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Did you ever think....

As I was driving home from a doctor's appointment today, I passed by a Kennesaw National Battlefield Park Grounds. All of a sudden I thought about all the men and women who sacrificed their lives. THOUSANDS of young men, boys, and woman alike sacrificed their lives....The Civil War was not fought soley by "Whiteman" but by multi-colors. The Civil War was not black against white, red against yellow. It was fought over the differences of what the North thought to be in the best interest of the USA and what The South thought to be in the best interest of the USA. Then, I was thinking of how SOME African Americans have such a bitter hatred for SOME white people. There were thousands of white people who fought in the Civil War to help further the cause of abolishing Slavery among other issues. But one would think, from some African Americans, that ALL white people thought "negros" should be slaves, or even all white people had slaves. This is just not true. Shall we revisit exactly what the situation was during the 1800's? Is it not important to know the WHOLE history of the Civil War situation?

In any race, religion, community, or country . . . there are "bad" people. People who take advantage of others. People who are cruel to others. Should we base our views soley on those few who are distorted in their thinking, to represent an entire race, religion, community, or country? All I say is, think about it, once or maybe, twice. I have witnessed people from all walks of life and from the corners that stretch across this beautiful earth; to be kind, caring, loving, giving, thoughtful, honest, and understanding. As I have also witnessed the opposite characteristics in some people. But, as I reflect, I recall far more loving, caring, understanding, and giving people from all walks of life, rather than the other kind of people mentioned above.

I believe it is our purpose on this earth to learn to love our fellow human beings, and be loved. How can we do so, if we are ready to judge and be narrow minded? One of the challenges during our journey here on this earth is to love one another. That does not mean to accept ignorant and cruel people. There is a difference.

I have said my piece. And May Peace permeate and sooth your heart, body, and soul tonight as your rest your weary head!

May you experience the goodness in the world no matter where you are, what you do, or who you are!
Good night my friends!


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