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Sunday, January 30, 2005

To Be Controled or Have Control?

That is a question we ask ourselves from time to time. The only person who you have control over is yourself. The question is not "What am I going to do with you" but rather, "What am I going to do with myself"?

We have all been gifted with an incredible responsibility of "free will".
To me, this means we can choose to do good or evil. All the choices we make have consequences be it positive or negative. When I hear the word "control" - only the self has control over "self". No One Else has control over your actions or what you think. Self chooses to let someone take "control" over them ranging from a little bit to total control. It is our free will how we choose to use self control or be controlling. There are so many components which come into the dynamics when we reflect upon these concepts of "free will" and "control"....non the less, we are utilmately in control to what happens in our lives. We can choose how we deal with consequences that we have chosen through our actions (free will) or consequences that appear to come from nowhere and appear to be "unfair". We also can choose our actions, our thoughts, our attitude, our issues, our battles, our passion, and how and with whom we share our love.

No ONE else has control over us, we only allow them to have control over us. It's our choice, its our Free Will.


At Mon Jan 31, 12:42:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes but is free will just an illusion? It sounds great and true in theory, but our choices and decisions don't exist in a vacuum.

The direction we end up going in life is affected by an endless number of economic, personal, biological and situational factors. When we make a choice we do so partly because, not in spite, of these forces.

Consider the drug addict that steals to feed his habit. Is he making a moral decision to give in to his whims and disadvantage another in the process?Or is this action driven by the spectre of addiction, the personality, the upbringing, the circumstance and the biology that gave way to this addication in the first place?

At Mon Jan 31, 02:25:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

because of free will, unfortunately, those choices can have generations, multiple generations of effects on our loved ones who arent even born. We are free to make what ever decision we choose. We always have a choice. It is OUR choice. And sometimes, the choice is to die or not die - and sometimes the choice NOT to die includes hurting or making unethical choices. The choice is ours. We are free to make the choices here on earth. That is part of the journey, part of the lesson here on earth. Exercising our Free Will and making choices or choosing what our lives look like or choosing what our lives WILL look like. Again, it may affect others then the choices we make that involve others, make a new set of circumstance of choices and situations for another person or a community of people or family. In a way, the concept of FREE WILL and Choosing, is an example of how we are all connected and the free will we exercise and the choices we make from the free will that we are gifted with, is an INCREDIBLE INFLUENCING FACTOR for today and all of our tomorrows.


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