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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Causes of Change

Perhaps we can take what scientist see as what causes change and apply the IDEA of change to our own human lives. Think outside the box. Listed below are some thoughts and studies about environmental changes. Instead of thinking environmental changes, place your glasses on that read the following information as it applys to your life, our lives, our situation as human beings.
Don't get distracted by the title of the links. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Please!

Click HERE global warming

Click HERE stablizing the climate

Click HERE environmental causes eons of years ago

Click HERE creates new opportunities

Click HERE what causes bugs

Click HERE causes of demographic changes

Click HERE employment and income

Click HERE curriculum project causes positive change

Click HERE how training causes behavior changes

Now, am I saying these links are the answers? In NO WAY am I implying that at all. But I am saying this: Please read these articles and links with an open mind and see how the information shared above can help explain or help empower you to make changes for yourself, or your own individual community - be it your home, your neighborhood, your school, or what ever community you so desire to become a positive energy!

All The Best To YOU!


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