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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Times They Are A Changing

Is it me being more aware or is it the media or is it something else? The more I read headlines and listen to local, state, and national news, I hear more and more children killing children, children killing siblings, children killing parents. What can we do? Can we do anything? Are we encouraging humans to take anger and frustration out by way of using a gun or explosives? Where in the world are these children getting the idea to challenges in our lives is death or violence? What is planting such thoughts in the innocent minds undeveloped minds of our youth? As a society, do we not provide other alternatives to anger? Where can children turn to for alternative ideas for controlling or managing the hurt, anger, and rage that they feel from day to day living?

Are we too busy building democracy in other parts of the world and neglecting our own precious resources, the resources of our future, OUR children of our OWN BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY- America The Beautiful, the land of opportunity.

What can we do? Anything? Something? Is there another focus we must direct our attention and resources as in money and other resources we so abundently have here in America The Beautiful, the land of hope, prosperity, and freedom?

I pray for a direction and leaders who will provide away for our youth to feel more secure and safe enough so they don't feel as if violence with guns or explosives are the solutions for peace of heart and mind.

I pray for our safety and good health, daily - and I hope you do, too. I know prayer works, I am a witness and a result of many prayers.

Please Help Me Understand What Is Going On In America The Beautiful!

Here is a recent article of children killing killing children. Click HERE.

Do you have articles where children are HELPING CHILDREN?

Please Submit them to:
thank you!

Here is an interesting perspective of another blog. I am not endorsing it for it's content, but I like the idea of the entry of Ten Things. Take a look an click here


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