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Monday, June 27, 2005

Washington, DC

Mission accomplished in less than an hour! I budgeted one whole day at the copyright office located in the Madison Buidling just minutes from the Library Of Congress Building.

1. When you are in town, check this link out, click here.
You will need to register to use this site, but it's free to register.

2. History Washington D.C., click here

3. Eat and Do in Washington, D. C. , click here

4. City Plan and beyond, click here

5. Zoom in and out for map details of Washington D.C., click here

6. City Museum of Washington D.C., click here. This is an excellent source for research!

7. Official Time In Washington D.C. and more, click here and here

8. Monuments In Washington D.C., click here, or click here to view yahoo's directory.

9. Another link to explore about the Memorials in Washington D. C., click here

10. Complete Online Guide to Washington, D. C., click here or here

11. Comprehensive link to Washington D. C., click here

12. National Park link to National Parks, click here

13. Collosal Colon Cancer Site, cick here

14. Various Activities to do and see in Washington D. C., click here

15. You can call this the yellow pages of Washigton D. C. click here

16. Virtual Tour of the Mall in Washington D. C., click here

17. Brief overview of Washington D. C. ( 5 paragraphs in length), click here

18. iscover the Heart of Washington D. C. - Cultural Tourism in Washington D. C., cick here


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