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Monday, November 21, 2005

Help Me Understand

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Why did the Pilgrims come to the Land of the Unkown we now call the Americas? Why would a group of Women, Men, and Children come across the Great Atlantic Ocean to settle on land they were unfamiliar with? What would make families go from the known (their homes) to a place of the unknown, where they could literally die from starvation or whatever may be there. Surely they knew the comforts of the life they had would not be in the world of the unknown they would embark.

As I recall my history, ONE of the reasons they journeyed across the vast blue atlantic ocean was to be able to practice their own beliefs. Clearly, there were other motivating reasons for families and single people to venture across to the land of the new and mysterious.

It has taken a nearly four hundred years to distort one of the Pilgrims motivating ideals to come to receiving an email detailing what the federal law dictates what we can say and show during this season coming up. We are being sensored to what we can and cannot say.

The United States of America is a melting pot of the world in which we all live. Why do we discriminate against the Christians and other religions by sensoring what we can and cannot say, do, or show. Freedom of what?

Help me understand PLEASE!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!
And for all the other people who enjoy the fruits of America, May You All be Blessed with what makes you happy, healthy, and content!
Let us celebrate the world of color the world of differences the world of brothers and sisters - rich - poor, black - white and all in between - - we are all of ONE family -- believe it or not.

May Peace, Love, and Happiness resound in your homes - now and forever!

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If you believe ONE person can make a difference, then DO IT. The ball is in your court. If you believe you can make a difference, which you can, then VOTE. What more can YOU do? What more can WE do? Sign in the guest book and let me know how I can reach you to make a difference in America. Let us rise up and create America the way we see America. It is NEVER too late!

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