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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Borders Bookstore

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See all you can see about books. Click on the link above.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Boston Rooftops

Yes, this is the site where you will find out more and more about the movie short, Boston Rooftops, from reel to reality.

Please check back from time to time to find out what is new and who has joined in on the adventures of Boston Rooftops!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Downtown Atlanta
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My Home Town, Palo Alto, California
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Craig's List

This is such a GREAT worldwide resource, I had to list it twice. If you a travel of the world, or a stay at home person who LOVES to find incredible deals....check this link out.

Great discounts worldwide, all for only $22.50 a year.

Craig's List
INCREDIBLE RESOURCE FOR TRAVELERS and PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR INCREDIBLE DEALS ALL OVER THE WORLD! True Story: I met a man from Portland, Oregon. He arrived in Boston, MA one day. Within 24 hours he had located several sublet apartments for $600.00 and less in the Boston area. Click HERE.

Washington, DC

Mission accomplished in less than an hour! I budgeted one whole day at the copyright office located in the Madison Buidling just minutes from the Library Of Congress Building.

1. When you are in town, check this link out, click here.
You will need to register to use this site, but it's free to register.

2. History Washington D.C., click here

3. Eat and Do in Washington, D. C. , click here

4. City Plan and beyond, click here

5. Zoom in and out for map details of Washington D.C., click here

6. City Museum of Washington D.C., click here. This is an excellent source for research!

7. Official Time In Washington D.C. and more, click here and here

8. Monuments In Washington D.C., click here, or click here to view yahoo's directory.

9. Another link to explore about the Memorials in Washington D. C., click here

10. Complete Online Guide to Washington, D. C., click here or here

11. Comprehensive link to Washington D. C., click here

12. National Park link to National Parks, click here

13. Collosal Colon Cancer Site, cick here

14. Various Activities to do and see in Washington D. C., click here

15. You can call this the yellow pages of Washigton D. C. click here

16. Virtual Tour of the Mall in Washington D. C., click here

17. Brief overview of Washington D. C. ( 5 paragraphs in length), click here

18. iscover the Heart of Washington D. C. - Cultural Tourism in Washington D. C., cick here

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Boston Rooftops, The Movie Short

Boston Rooftops, The Movie Short - From Reel to Reality
Visitng Boston this year has been very productive. We are back on schedule with potentially ready to begin our filming the summer of 2006. Please come back and visit to find out the details of our movie short - find out the extensive multi-leveled audience and purpose , along with who are involved and supporting our project. To all the people, business owners, and individual artists and musicians whoI met in Boston and America during the time period of June 19th through the 25th, 2005, and those who are interested or will be involved with our innovative film project - please check back with updated information which will be posted from time to time!

All the best to you, my friends!
May each day be a journey filled with safety, health, beauty, laughter, and smiles....but most importantly, an experience you can learn from and share with others - from time to time!

Until our paths cross again, have fun, peace within, and continue to be safe and healthy!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hostels Everywhere in the World

Other Places to consider for lodging on a budget:

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Places To Eat, Things To Do In Boston


Watch for the deals. Traveling is affordable if you make the effort to look and call 1-800-USA-Rail.

  • History of the USA, click here
  • Animated Atlas of USA, click here
  • Highlights of several states in the USA, click here
  • USA History in the eye of the great Hispanic people of America, click here
  • Ellis Island Passenger List. You will need to sign up for this service, but you will find basic information from 25 million entries, click here
  • Another quite interesting site for US History, find out about the presidents, , click here
  • History of Daylight Saving Time, click here
  • Candy USA....all you want to know about candy in the USA, click here
  • United States Facts by Wikipedia, (extremely informative) click here
  • VERY interesting facts and trivia about each state in America, click here
  • Interesting Firsts in each state in America....very cool! click here
  • Intense and EXCELLENT LINK TO ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE USA, for students and adults, click here
  • Interesting fun facts....wacky, funny, and fun, click here
  • For Your Warehouse of Useless Knowledge, click here
  • Facts Related to the UNITED STATES, quite informative, excellent source for children and adults, click here
  • Hindu Facts dot come, click here to find more facts than you have ever imagined.
  • Interesting facts about fruits and vegetables, click here
  • Interesting facts brought to you by Professor Beaker, about science for kids! click here

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Boston Insider Home Page: Want to know the best things to do in Boston, then go to this site NOW!

Ever heard of the musical group named, Boston? click here to find out more!

City of Boston Home Page

Boston Red Sox Home Page

Boston Celtics Home Page

Boston Bruins Home Page

Boston Public Library Home Page

Boston University Home Page

Boston College Home Page

Berklee College of Music Home Page

Northeastern University Home Page in Boston

Suffolk University Home Page, Private Institution

New England School of Law Home Page

Simmons College Home Page, Private Women's Institution

Boston Architectural Center Home Page

Boston Magazine Online Homepage - Good for dining reviews and more!

The Folksong Society Of Greater Boston Home Page

Boston Symphony Home Page

Harvard University Home Page

M.I.T. Home Page

Monday, June 20, 2005

Statue Of Liberty

It's been 12 years since I've seen her for the first time, and to this day, she still gives me the chills of excitement! Yes, that's right, Miss Liberty, that's Miss Statue Of Liberty - from oceans away, from night through day, you can ponder and wonder and be all amazed, from torch to toe, for as far as the eye can see, ya know?

Standing in line earlier this morning, the excitement from within, grew stronger, the closer I was to the entry of Miss Liberty's Pedestal.

I noticed something that began to make me wonder. I am about to visit and experience one of the most famous symbols in the world today, The Statue Of Liberty. Considering all that has occured since the forever changing day in September, we (at least our government) want to give the impression to a group of people in the world, that we have not changed the various freedoms we so enjoy living as citizens in America. The freedom of speech, The freedom to move about this country as we choose, The freedom of choice, The freedom of choosing who and what we want to become in our lives as we mature and gain experiences and home spun memories living in the USA.

Slowly creeping, step by step, towards the entrance to the base of the world's most impressive and most significant symbol of freedom of our time, I passed through more security than I did leaving or returning from a USA International Airport three years ago. I will not go into detail about the security, but I will say, Miss Liberty is well secured so that all those who choose to take a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit her, will do so as securely as possible with the aid of implementing the most innovative security technology system our government currently allows.

Approaching the last security point before entering the base of the Statue of Liberty, I shook my head in wonderment - did we, have we, are we (USA Citizens) really conquering the war on terrorism? Or have "they" got us where "they" want us? Always wondering, always investing and spending money to "secure our Liberty, Freedom, and Safety" from the outside forces of people who have different values than we do as citizens of the USA?

There was an elderly couple in front me, preparing to enter the last security point before entering the pedistal. They happen to turn their bodies towards me, while I was shaking my head slowly, as if I were in a slow motion movie clip. He winked at me with confirmation and understanding, waiting patiently, arm in arm, with his wife, as I rolled my eyes in that most familiar upward arched eyebrow/eyeball movement, while I exhaled a whisper quiet sigh of "whatever" to myself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Think about it.

A quote from Benjamin Franklin:

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security." Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Brooklyn, New York

Met a really Great Family in Brooklyn- Mom, Dad, and three bright and cute children - all girls (a set of twins and an older sister- almost 10! all under the age of almost 10 years old!!)

The weather has been cool like San Francisco weather. Beautiful views and people in Brooklyn. Cell phone not currently working properly since I can't find it for the moment. Hope that will change soon. Take care, Writing from you know where !!!!!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

InTel DownLoad Page

Looking for drivers? Looking for Updates? Looking for something to download for your Intel Product? Try this entry link.


Have you ever heard of a dancing partner who is a robot? Well, there is. If you think this is strange or unbelievable, click on this entry to find out way way more things that are happening in our present, that we may think is our future. We are living our future. Think about that one!

Cancer Blog

If you are searching for answers, support, or just plain curious to find out what is happening with cancer research, then this may be the place for you.

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