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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Prayers Are Being Answered - Thank You!

Within 24 hours I have been able to secure a flight with a 5 day notice ahead of time with Angel Flight. They are waiting for the Mayo Clinic's go ahead. A local organization, Sweetwater, , has responded with 4 times a year of food access and a one time gift of $300 to help pay for rent/bills. The lady on the phone apologized they couldn't do more. I was just thankful and grateful I had gotten some response so quickly. Thank you for your prayers! At times, I feel so discouraged. I feel like I am a fake with what I have, but my body is in so much discomfort and feeling worse each day, bit by bit. I AM SO THANKFUL for what I do have - friends and family, a place to lay my head, a phone for communication, food in my cupboard and refrigerator, reasonable and understanding debt collectors, and this amazing concept we call technology. As of right now, the cyberworld is my main link to life, searching for available resources, and assisting in the research to what I may have. I do appreciate the cards, and phone calls. This may sound silly, but as I read the cards, tears slowly crawl from my eyes. You, my friends, are helping me go forward from day to day...especially when I can feel your prayers.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!


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