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Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Core of My Soul, The expression of my Heart . . . Here today, Gone Tomorrow

It takes decades to perfect the rich pure sounds you hear from a guitar. That sound is priceless. That sound cannot not be replaced. It is unique along with the decades of memories. You took it all away. You know who you are. I know you are hurting inside, and I tried to be a refuge for you. You know my guitars are the juice to my heart and soul. The expression of what I feel and think. And you took it all away - I hope you return them someday. There are two empty stands with no strings, no wood, no natural beauty, no sound. The unique mouth piece of the beauty and freedom to express is forever gone. You took it away - I am not mad, but oh so sad. Please give my two guitars back. What comes around, goes around. Just remember, there are people who care, be it oh so rare, there are people who care. Removing something so precious as the mouth piece of ones heart and soul is no way the right way to seek for inner peace and harmony during your journey throughout this walk about on our green planet we call earth. Please, Give my guitars back - in a sack, a Cadillac, near a railroad track - please return my guitars to their rightful space and place. May you be blessed for making a courageous choice to return what is not yours - and then, may all the Angels in your behalf bring you comfort and peace while they make a joyful noise and rejoice.


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