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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Happy Birthday Mom! October 13th

I remember my mom today on her birthday! I remember her laugh, her smile, her twinkling eyes, the phone to her ear, the death sticks smoking from her lips. But most of all, I remember ALL the childhood treasured memories she so freely provided, nurtured and gave to me and my brother and sister and father. I remember all the camping trips, the bike trips, the ski trips, the family outtings, the family parties, the holidays, especially the homemade Christmas cookies and goodies, the birthday celebrations, her listening ears and heart, the comfort of knowing no matter what she LOVED ME for who I am, and not for all the crazy things I dare to do. I remember all the stories she would share with me - stories of her life. I remember her reading to me and all of us late at night by the campfire night, the flashlight, the lantern light. I remember those Friday nights cook outs starting at midnight, boy and girl sleepovers. I remember her chasing me around the dining room table with a belt calling out my name to stop or else. She NEVER hit me.....just threats of guiding me to see the light and do what is right. I remember Friday nights was popcorn and rootbeer nights with the Flintsones on TV. I remember attending all the sunday school classes and discussions. I remember all the heart to heart talks throughout the years. I remember opening letters from her for over 30 years each week. I remember all the places she would take me and all our friends. I remember thinking that my Mom will last forever! I remember my Mom. My Mom, who was Mom to more people than I could ever imagine. I miss my Mom so very much. I feel as if her life was cut short. She had so many things she wanted to do. So many places to visit. So many people to meet. I love my Mom! Her spirit and soul will live on through all the hearts she touched throughout her 69 years here on this earth!


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