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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What Picture Is Being Painted?

First, I easily made it to Georgia from Utah in 2000. Then, one day, I find out two weeks before my credentials expire, I need 10 sdu credits and have to take two state tests. I fortunately find classes to fulfill the sdu credits needed...I do it two weeks. Usually it takes months. The two tests are associated with a fee and a late fee. I pay and take those tests. I pay to retake the test I failed by 5 points. Results arent in until Nov 7th. I miss passing by 5 points. I get asked to resign as a certified teacher until until the results are in, although i re-took the test before the expring date of August 31st for the second test. I get hired as a parapro and work as a lab manager until the results say i passed. I get hired as a 1stgrade teacher at the current school i teach at. but i go to the interview under the knowledge I am interviewing for a 2nd grade position. After an almost all day interview, I find out it is a first grade position. I LOVED the environment of this school so any grade will do. At that time, I had to catch up with debts because of the dock in pay. I play catch up financially for at least a year. The next year, my mother dies and I come down with undiagnosed condition dealing with my stomach area. For two years I am tested and feeling sick each day. Hospitalized three times in one year for various things ranging from supposed cancer to diverticulitus. And now, since Labor Day, I am unable to go to work. Spent over 300.00 for meds and more for doc visits and procedures since I have been out of work. Had my two guitars, personal belongings, and all my meds stolen from my home a few days ago, and just got a letter from the dmv that I have my car registration suspended - if i drive my car, it will be impounded along with my driver's license taken away. So what does tomorrow bring.....I hope peace, light at the end of the tunnel, and some answers. Oh, the docs say they wont do anymore tests on me since i will be admitted to the Mayo Clinic Nov 14th. And from that point, I start, in essence all over but a light at the end of an undetermined length of tunnel. To say the least, I feel overwhelmed some times.
whew....well, thanks for letting me vent. I miss my mom and dad. I miss being in love. I miss having that one lady loving me. BUT, I had a colleague, (a friend) come over and visit with me for a few moments. That was so nice. That was a great boost to my morale.
Well, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or something to help me as I journey on, please share! Thank you! and Goodnight!


At Thu Oct 21, 12:07:00 AM GMT-5, Blogger NoSurprises said...

keep hanging in there mate.. it was very nice to receive a happy birthday message from you on my blog.. so i will be sure to send some good vibes your way.


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